LSS Light Sequence Switch

Precise control of lighting for Computational Imaging

Control of lighting for Computational Imaging
LSS Light Controller Specifications

LSS Light Sequence Switch

Precise control of lighting for Computational Imaging

The LSS-2404 Light Sequencing Switch is designed to be the heart of any computational imaging system and can switch external +24 VDC power for up to 4-channels of lights. Upon receiving an external system trigger, the LSS-2404 executes a pre-programmed sequence of lighting on the 4-channels and outputs a correlated camera trigger, automatically timing an external camera exposure to the programmed lighting sequence. May be set-up as master or slave in a system.

CCS Light sequence switch (LSS-2404) for control of lighting for Computational Imaging

LSS-2404 Key Specifications

Number of lighting channels


Input voltage

10.8 – 28.8 VDC (absolute range); suitable for either 12 V or 24 V DC lighting.

Power consumption

5W maximum internal dissipation; excluding attached lighting and dependent on configuration.

Trigger Out (to camera)

Selectable to 5 V, 12 V, or 24 V via software. Voltage level tolerance +/- 15%. Maximum limited to ~93% Vin

Trigger Input

Voltage mode: Accepts 3.3 – 24 VDC logic level voltage with adjustable trigger level
Switched Ground Mode: Use opto-isolators or closed contacts via direct connection without external components.

Trigger Threshold

Software programmable 1 - 24 VDC trigger level in 100 mV increments
Default = 9.6 V threshold to work with 12 V or 24 V trigger logic

Maximum Current Rating

1A/ch x 4-channels; 4 A maximum all channels.

Communication Port

RJ45 connector. 100BaseT Ethernet. TCP/IP protocol. Control via web-based GUI or TCP/IP command set.


User upgradeable via GUI (included).

Sequence Timing

User programmable via GUI (included).

Timing Resolution

Maximum Trigger rate: 10,000 fps (100 µS)
Minimum output signal width: 100 µS
Timing resolution: 1 µS
Channel skew + jitter: <= 10 µS

Operating Temperature Range

Range 0 to 40 °C

Storage Temperature Range

Range -10 to 50 °C


Free air cooling (standard model)


4.13 x 6.15 x 1.57 inches L x W



Vision Systems Design 2019 Gold Innovation Award winner

Award winning CI Technology from CCS